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Nerdly News Network!

2013-01-28 05:05:24 by araskin500

Hey just stopping by to tell you guys about a new project I'm making. It's called the Nerdly News Network. It's a weekly show, every Sunday I'll upload a new episode that covers the week before. We've got movie, video game, and other geeky news articles with a humorous twist. Think of SNL's weekend update, without the budget! It's hosted by the one and only Phil Sheridan, voice of the one and only Paul Hammerbro. This week's episode also guest stars Kyle Hogan who you may remember from Smash Kingdom as the voice of King Dedede. So if you got five minutes to spare check it out, subscribe, and show your friends. And keep an eye out next week for next week's episode!

Hi everybody, it sure has been a long time since I've been on this site. Now before you start with "hey why haven't you made anything new, wtf have you been doing all this time!!!" and what not let me explain. Real life can utterly destroy any type of free time you have. When Pat and I started making these we were both in college and had all the free time in the world. Once we graduated and got full time jobs, well time has a way of getting away from you. Every now and then I stop by newgrounds and check what's new and what's old. When I see that people are still watching and commenting on our old videos it makes me feel better knowing that someone is still enjoying our silly little videos. Anyway just wanted to reach out and see if any of our old fans out there are still watching and probably waiting for us to do something.

Time to move on

2009-01-04 12:06:05 by araskin500

Well I have been getting a lot of messages asking when the next Bowser's Kingdom and Smash Kingdom coming out? Well the answer is, they are not. Bowser's Kingdom is done, we made the movie and it was the conclusion to the series. As for Smash Kingdom Brawl, well I just don't want to sprite anymore. It has been a good year for Pat and I but it's time to move on to better projects. Maybe one day I will finish Smash Kingdom Brawl but I highly doubt it. I'm sorry if this lets a lot of our fans down but making a movie that seems more of a burden isn't right.

So what are we going to do now?

Well it's time to start on real projects and series that Pat and I can be proud of. No more sprites, no more video game parodies, just our own ideas. And if we lose a lot of fans because our movies don't involve Super Mario then so be it. I just recently got a Wacom Bamboo tablet for Hanukkah and Pat has had one for a while so we both can start making our own stuff. Here's an example of something I made below, yeah it's rough but it's my first drawing so there is much more room for improvement. Hopefully I can finish this cartoon by the end of the month or at least some time in Febuary.

Time to move on

That's right folks the new episode of Bowser's Kingdom is actually a movie! More of a 20 minute episode but we are calling it a movie. Anyway we worked very hard over the past months to make it and we hope you all enjoy it.

Also to commemeroate our first year anniversary on Newgrounds we made Bowser's Kingdom Tee shirts!

Bowser's Kingdom T shirts

We hope you like the designs but you should get them while they last!

Back to work!

2008-09-01 16:57:45 by araskin500

Yeah you might have seen Pat's post about making a new Bowser's Kingdom which is currently in the process of making. Now I'm sure most of you are like "what the hell!? what about Smash Kingdom Brawl!?!?!?!" Well don't worry I'm working on that too. I've already gathered the sprites and everything back up which is great, the only problem is an extreme amount of writer's block for Smash bros skits. Now that does not mean I want any skits or ideas, if you send me any I won't use them. I will come up with them whenever I can so I ask that you all relax and that it will come in time. In the mean time I suggest you look up Super Mario RPG on the virtual console. It just came out today and I already spent my 800 points on it and I suggest anyone who is interested in a great game to go check it out as well.

Stuff and the Kingdom Series

2008-05-30 12:32:19 by araskin500

Well for those who don't know a tragedy hit my computer a few weeks ago. It was corrupted with some malware program called WinAgent 32, this thing was a monster. My virus scans and spyware scans all found it but they couldn't delete or quarantine it. Eventually it just blew my computer up, I had to do a complete system recovery. I lost everything including the flash files which sucks so much balls. For those of you who are wondering what this means for Smash Kingdom Brawl it means bad news. The last smash kingdom had over 5000 different symbols.... which I now have to FIND AND RIP again. I'm really pissed about it and kind have lost my motivation. I will make a Smash Kingdom Brawl but it won't be coming out anytime soon, sorry for those of you who were looking forward to it. But not is all terrible, Pat is working on Bowser's Kingdom Eps 10 and it should be done shortly. In other great news I found this today Super Mario RPG for Virtual Console That's fucking right! Super Mario RPG has been confirmed for virtual console, granted that's the chart for the Japanese but it shouldn't make too much of a difference. Looks like we all have something to look forward to in June after all. I know I'm deffinitly gonna spend the Wii points on it and I recommend that anyone who hasn't played it before should try it. Maybe if Square sees how many people will buy it on virtual console then they will get the idea to make a sequel. Pure speculation but hey it never hurts. But with all the RPG excitement I thought I would share the Japanese commercail for the game.

/* */

Back to Animating!

2008-04-22 00:26:24 by araskin500

Well I got my computer fixed and Brawl is now only consuming 45% of my life, so I got to animating. Before everyone get's all pissy about "where's BK eps 10!?!?!" Don't worry Pat will be working on it, this is just a little side cartoon I did because I love the legend of zelda.... perhaps a little too much. I got back to playing Wind Waker (cel-shaded or not, amazing game) and realized that I should do another tribute to Ol' Ganny (he deserves it) And of course I came to the realization that perhaps I should do more tributes to the other bad guys. King Dedede, Dr. Robotnik, King K. Rool, Ridley... all prime candidates for spoofing hilarity. So I will be getting around to those soon so keep an eye out, and of course, Smash Kingdom Brawl will probably come out sometime in June or so, so keep your fan boy panties on until then.

And for those of you who are wondering who I use in Smash well I'll tell ya:


Samus (old favorite)
Captain Olimar (new favorite)
Ike (awesome favorite)

Sloppy Seconds

Bowser (cause he's bad ass)
Ganondorf (cause he's a badder ass)
Toon Link (cause he's the baddest ass)

Back to Animating!

Computer Troubles

2008-04-06 20:50:56 by araskin500

Hey everybody, first off I want to thank everyone who helped us fix the problem with the so called "bowser's Kingdom Eps: 10" they now changed the name so everything is at peace.... until recently. My computer has been crapping out of me quite consistently and I can't animate much with it until I fix it, so I apologize if our flashes take awhile to make. Hopefully everything will go along smoothly and I won't have to nuke the machine and totally lose all the cartoons I made.

Bowser's Kingdom Eps 10

2008-03-22 15:29:41 by araskin500

Hey everybody just checking to tell you that we are working on Episode 10 as well as some other projects. But luckily one of our viewers had put this to my attention:

Bowser's Kingdom Eps 10

Now obviously we did not make this, gave no permission, and had no hand in this. It just a sad person's attempt to leech off of our work and mess things up. So I call on to all of our fans out there to go and blam this piece of crap off the site. With your help we can restore order to the Bowser's Kingdom universe.

Also, if anyone knows who I report this kind of problem to, please tell me.

Smash Kingdom Melee Released!

2008-03-07 11:33:15 by araskin500

That's right Smash Kingdom Melee is out and the secret is revealed. Alvin-Earthworm is a part of this project. That's right, the legendary Super Mario Bros Z author himself has contributed his own mind blowing work to the flash. I want to give a special thanks to him who worked very hard.

What are you doing reading this? Go watch the movie!