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Smash Kingdom Coming Soon!

Posted by araskin500 - February 11th, 2019


Just wanted to give an update on the projects status, almost nearing completion. I wanted to try and release it sooner but animating is a time sucking demon and surprisingly I don't have as much free time as I did in college! The actual Smash Bros game coming out also didn't help as much free time was then spent on that, but hey what are you going to do. I have a few more skits to complete and then it shall be released!

Also please note the famous Villain meetings are making a return and feature some new faces as well!


Comments (3)

Just watched the new video.Thank you for your service.

No fucking way! I thought you retired years ago

Araskins500, if you're reading this, I just wanted to thank you guys for providing us with your great content on New grounds (especially your Bower's kingdom [which is my first favorite flash animated series, even though this series reminds of robot chicken, in a good nostalgic way when it comes to these humorous skits you directed]),& my apologies for creating the impression that both I and my peers within this indirect fanbase are taking you guys for granted(especially since I assumed that we indirectly made you guys feel like that we're basically "soul sucking demons" when it comes to the animation process while having to put up with the similar pain levels as your fictional duo [Jeff: the Goomba & Hal: the Koopa troopa ] had to endure). to make up for this, I know of an animator/ Deviant artist/youtuber by the name of AsylusGoji91 (Fredrik Nilsson) who would assumably be happy to help out with the animation process on your guys's recent works. I hope you guys don't mind if I make a what if continuation of your Bowser's kingdom series, I'll go in full details as to why I decided to go through with this ambitious idea of mine( which I'll go over at Both Facebook and messenger [Stewieslaw@aol.com for my ID on these sites]), but keep in mind that one of these reasons is to hopefully promote and bring awareness to you guys dream projects(especially regarding your smash kingdom series). if you're concerned or interested in this, just go to these two sites & I'll be happy to help promote both you guys on your dream series. until then, I hope these will be proven to be beneficial for you, PTHOUSE, and the rest of the New grounds community, thank you for reading this lengthy comment, I wish you all the best of luck within this community, & I'll be looking forward to our meeting.