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Nerdly News Network!

2013-01-28 05:05:24 by araskin500

Hey just stopping by to tell you guys about a new project I'm making. It's called the Nerdly News Network. It's a weekly show, every Sunday I'll upload a new episode that covers the week before. We've got movie, video game, and other geeky news articles with a humorous twist. Think of SNL's weekend update, without the budget! It's hosted by the one and only Phil Sheridan, voice of the one and only Paul Hammerbro. This week's episode also guest stars Kyle Hogan who you may remember from Smash Kingdom as the voice of King Dedede. So if you got five minutes to spare check it out, subscribe, and show your friends. And keep an eye out next week for next week's episode!


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2015-01-20 02:42:07

we miss you guys...


2015-11-23 00:26:23

come back to us