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Time to move on

2009-01-04 12:06:05 by araskin500

Well I have been getting a lot of messages asking when the next Bowser's Kingdom and Smash Kingdom coming out? Well the answer is, they are not. Bowser's Kingdom is done, we made the movie and it was the conclusion to the series. As for Smash Kingdom Brawl, well I just don't want to sprite anymore. It has been a good year for Pat and I but it's time to move on to better projects. Maybe one day I will finish Smash Kingdom Brawl but I highly doubt it. I'm sorry if this lets a lot of our fans down but making a movie that seems more of a burden isn't right.

So what are we going to do now?

Well it's time to start on real projects and series that Pat and I can be proud of. No more sprites, no more video game parodies, just our own ideas. And if we lose a lot of fans because our movies don't involve Super Mario then so be it. I just recently got a Wacom Bamboo tablet for Hanukkah and Pat has had one for a while so we both can start making our own stuff. Here's an example of something I made below, yeah it's rough but it's my first drawing so there is much more room for improvement. Hopefully I can finish this cartoon by the end of the month or at least some time in Febuary.

Time to move on


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2009-01-04 12:29:07

awww, no more bowsers kingdom, oh well. i guess i cant wait till you start using flash and make some non-sprite flashes, but i think you should wok on your drawing skills for a while before you start so that you can get used to the style. good luck dudes!


2009-01-04 14:58:01

Well i guess thats that. damn, i was hoping to see more, i mean, i checked this page every day to see if there were updates, because Bowser's kingdom and smash were the main reason i stuck around at newgrounds. But ok, thx for being honest.

araskin500 responds:

There are so many more reasons to stick around Newgrounds. Why don't you check out Happy Harry's cartoons or Hot Diggity Demon, I have always found them hilarious.


2009-01-04 15:33:53

Yeah i guess so, well then all right. i suppose i should see more stuff but i will always enjoy Bowser's Kingdom and Smash. I'll look forward to your other work.


2009-01-04 20:31:31

*sigh* well, that's a real shame about " Bowser's Kingdom and Smash Kingdom " Those were some of the best series' on NG. Hell they were the funniest imo. But we all must move on I suppose. I still think you should finish Smash Kingdom Brawl just so the game series will be complete but hey, if you don't feel like it then that's cool. Hey, I have a question: Um... will Hal&Jeff be in future eps of SMBZ then like in eps 7? Or was that a 1 time thing? Well, anyway good luck on your future flashes.

araskin500 responds:

I don't know about that, I haven't talked to Alvin in a while. But I'm pretty sure it was a one time cameo.


2009-01-04 21:58:21

people were wating ages and you give us one huge middle finger well i have two words for you f**k you. you can,t just say your going to do something and decide your not going to do it and your known for sprites not cartoons if the cartoons are about games that would be okay

araskin500 responds:

Didn't you get the message at the end of the movie? Besides I don't want to do it forever, it just stopped being fun.


2009-01-05 00:11:22

That's something I can respect. You guys are great with your jokes so you can pull it off. I'll just wait to see what hatches from your minds.


2009-01-05 03:44:29

i hope u really reconsider this... although u probably already have many times. just to let u know i've always found sprites alot more interesting than cartoons thats why i love "code monkeys" so much. any way i hope your happy with your new series or what ever your doing. good luck

p.s. jeff,hal and the whole bowsers kingdom crew are insanly funny. i've been watching other sprites and i thought they were hilarious until i saw this now i think there a piece of shit. crap! this is just great! now all the other sprite movies will seem terable. thanks for rasing the bar! =)

araskin500 responds:

Well hopefully we will still be insanely funny.... that's the plan any how. But in reality, using sprites was a mere introduction to flash for me, now that I know the basics I am ready to move on to using my own drawings.


2009-01-05 11:02:57

Ok... i was suspecting that you weren´t to do another Bowser´s Kingdom because of the end of the movie:

- I hate this job, i quit!
- Yeah, fuck this!

I thinked it was a little joke... but they were talking serious. Do you already have any ideas? Besides the one at the picture, or is it just for practicing?

araskin500 responds:

We have a few projects recorded and ready to animate but we don't know how long it will take since both of us are going back to school next week, we may or may not have a lot of time to work on them. So really when these will come out is all up in the air.


2009-01-05 15:47:13

Aw forget it. Can't wait for the next series thing, or whatever your doing


2009-01-05 16:56:30

You're ditching B.K.!!! After all the hard work, and all the fans your series has attracted to form a B.K. fan-base you're ditching it!!!

Well thats probably the biggest disappointment I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen what SEGA has done to their fans.(The whole voice acting thing, and when the games started to suck.)

Trust me, BK is pure comic genius and nothing is more hilarious than Bowser's Kingdom! No flash series will ever be better. Oh well, if it's done for I'm out, there's nothing worth staying on newgrounds if nobody will create a series as good as this. And don't say Alvinearthworm, because I hate his series.

Later man.


2009-01-05 23:38:20

Well uh...That's that. Shoot, just when I was hoping for a annoucement about the new one, I get shot down. At first I was mad, then sad, and now I just have to wonder what your position is. I can imagine stress, time, and other related things causing you to think otherwise. You know, but no series can last forever. It's just I feel...I didn't get the whole feel of the series. I mean I loved it, but I think you ended short, you know. I was just hoping you would end with chills down my spine and heart failure from laughing so much XD Well, it's your choice, I just think you should get some more practice before moving on...I still hope you'll atleast to a finish episode or Smash Kingdom Brawl. All I'm trying to say is to give up on what you haven't finished.


2009-01-06 07:15:38

Its understandable. Let's just hope you can find some form of success with your handrawn series now. Do you need any voice acting help btw? I could help in a way :P


2009-01-06 12:52:25

I saw in an old news post by pthouse that both of you were making a game based on doodlequest, is that one of the proyects you are working on?


2009-01-06 13:42:07

Phew, it's good to see that you guys didn't stop making flash! ^^ It's pretty sad that you stopped makng BK, but i'm lookng forward to your future movies! ^^


2009-01-06 15:04:45

Well, it's your choice. I enjoyed both series, but if you don't wish to continue them, so be it.

I personally think it's fantastic that you're moving on to more original and stylized ideas. Good look in your animating!


2009-01-06 16:37:56

As long as the stuff is funny, I'll be watching.


2009-01-06 21:11:33

I will miss Bowser's Kingdom and Smash Kingdom. These were some of the best video game parodies ever, and I'm glad I at least got to see them debut. I hope you'll be cool with fan tributes, which this series deserves. This is seriously some of the best entertainment that was ever put on Newgrounds, and it's too bad you never got a damn series page.

I'll look forward to your new animations!


2009-01-07 18:57:45

WHAT THE F***!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?


I think i´m not your fan anymore
i liked geno too
I buyed the SMRPG game to know how awesome was he.
well :( ITS OVER!!!!! ;(


2009-01-07 21:30:52

do Smash Kingdom Brawl 1st then quit on them


2009-01-07 23:19:02

Nooo such I disappointment well at least you told us so I I don't have to look for Browser Kingdom every now and then ay ideas for a new story yet?


2009-01-08 02:05:19

I understand that you don't feel like using sprites anymore and want to move onto something more professional. That's fine but I still would have loved to see Smash Kingdom Brawl done and submitted. That doesn't mean though I have lost faith in you either. I really do hope you can go back and complete Smash Kingdom Brawl as well as finish the rest of the Super Mario Bros Z episodes, those were great.

Other than that you deserve to be proud at what you have done so far but I still think you aren't done with Sprites yet.

araskin500 responds:

Dude for the love of God, I didn't make Super Mario Bros Z. Please do yourself a favor and look at the AUTHORS to see who makes what.


2009-01-08 19:56:27

No more Bowser's Kingdom? That kind of is a dissapointment, but if you are moving on to better projects then thats a good thing. I would really be looking foward to whatever you are doing next. However I just want to suggest you guys probably could stop a while with the sprite animating and make a new BK next year or VERY late this year (like the Merry Christsmas Drake & Josh special did.), Now remember I'm just suggesting. Personaly, I think the last Smash Kingdom episode was fine the way it ended (although you or someone else at the very least should finish "the fight"), the thing is think about it, if you ever do finish it, you will never have to do anything about it again.

There will always be new parodies over the years, whether they will be accepted or not, I've been planning one for almost 2 years. And I have to admit even THAT would be a start for much bigger projects. We might just need to move on to new generations, not just for both of you but for the fans as well.


2009-01-08 22:52:56

well i guess its up to you...i wish you luck with ur new projects, and i hope theyll be as funny as your sprite stuff.i kinda liked doodlequest and hopefully your toons will come out as good as that....


2009-01-09 04:06:57

Many animators who have a successful series seem scared to move on to bigger and better things. It takes a brave guy to go down the road less traveled.
I wish you luck on your new start:)


2009-01-09 17:13:43

I am sad, I wish your sprite video series could've lasted forever, but saldy that is not reality. I hope your new series is at least slightly funny but until then goodbye.


2009-01-09 23:27:02

...hum...another spriter gone :(


2009-01-10 01:35:26

Wow many people must be ashamed. SHame you have to end it.


2009-01-10 02:42:43

does this meen u guys are gonna close the store?


2009-01-10 04:39:23

Man, this page doesn't look much different from Pat's--yet more mixed feelings from fans. Well, I guess that's to be expected. Anyway, I'm sorry to seem lazy by doing this, but I would generally say the same to you that I did to Pat, so I'm just pasting those words here:

Well, that's a shame. I adored the Bowser's Kingdom series and its spin offs, but I truly respect you two for making this decision. There's little chance of making a living off of this series, so doing your own thing is definitely the right way to go. But, I don't have to tell you that. I've also had to make a similar decision in the past. But, hey, that's life, right?

Now, I've seen some of these comments down here, and I gotta say, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves! Try to be a little more supportive, huh? Well, they'll understand when they're older, I suppose. Meanwhile, I'm beside you on this, and I expect good things from you both in whatever you do. As long as it's respectable, of course. Whatever the case, good luck!


2009-01-10 10:27:12

I have never been prouder in my entire life. Giving up Bowser's Kingdom depsite the fanbase to do what you want to do. Newgrounds needs more people like you, who don't make movies just because you have fans. I cannot wait to see your new original works!

Btw, I too am making a movie to conclude my spriting history.


2009-01-10 13:00:31

Well, I'm sad but, all your flashes will be awesome, provided you keep your sense of humor and awesome voice acting. I'll be sure to keep a look out for your new work, and I hope you and pat keep working together, your a great team. It's god that your moving on, and tbh, if you kept it up, Bowsers Kingdom would have gotten old. Good luck in your future plans, I know they will be awesome.


2009-01-10 18:47:29

NOOOO!! why ditching bowser's kingdom? i really loved the episodes.. even the movie T_T i guess its R.I.P :[ i really wanted to see more of bowser's kingdom... even if its not sprited.... :(


2009-01-11 19:26:52

If you are sick of using sprites, why not finish Smash Kingdom Brawl like episode 9?


2009-01-12 00:44:07

awwwww i really liked the sprites bowser's kingdome PWND so that let me down alot ;( can you atleast just make like 1 more sprite flash like a quick and easy one atleast because i am a true fan of your work dont get me wrong but you guys WERE LIKE gods at spriting like that got you ALOT of frontpage material but i just dont get why move on? your on my favorates because of the sprites smash kingdome THE ENTIRE TRILOGY are all on my favorates i enjoyed pixelmas i enjoy super mario bros. Z and i play megaman9 alot on my ps3 and no i dont have the achuall game its the demo well anyway's SP796 out happy 2009 dude happy new year and if you got a ps3 for christmas as well my username on my ps3 is prestonP and can you tell me how i can change my username achually cause my older brother preston got ahold of my ps3 and uh put down all of his information on my ps3 so i starded to edit it and i fixed like everything so my ps3 now OLMOST looks like it is mine CAUSE IS ACHUALLY IS MINE but i cant fix my username it totally sux what is it that if i make 1 username itle be that username forever i cant change it? or anything? tell me dude anyway's PRESTONP thats my unfourtenate username on my PLAYSTATION3 hope you achually read this nowing how figgen long it is SH796 OUT FOR REAL THIS TIME HAPPY 2009 EVERYBODY PEACE!!!


2009-01-12 02:38:14

i think someone should do a smash kingdom tribute collab...


2009-01-12 16:51:55

fucking blows


2009-01-12 17:51:59



2009-01-12 17:53:05



2009-01-12 23:10:58

I wish you the best of luck guys. I really enjoyed watching the Bowser's Kingdom series. I hope that your new projects will be as successful as Bowser's Kingdom. Have fun, and enjoy your new wacom tablet.


2009-01-13 00:29:47

yea me and my friend realised too late that the best way to generate a fanbase is to grab their attention with something familiar and then show them you're capable of creating well-thought out storylines and jokes. Now that people know you guys, the next logical step is to do something original that you can be proud of and know you own completely. That's why even though my original series never makes front page and only has a hundred or so 'fans' I still rather work on that than make something just because I know it'll get a huge response. All the best, can't wait to see what you guys come up with.


2009-01-17 10:58:02

well i guess things can't last forever, oh well. BK had a good run i kinda had a feeling with the 20 minute movie, not a lot of sprite artist last 10 eps well you know except Kirbopher (and hopefully Alvin Earthworm) I was just hoping there would be a smash kingdom brawl or something. Ow well it no biggie


2009-01-17 13:42:15

if you're not going to finish smash kingdom at least ask alvin or someone else who is good at flash to finish the fight between mario and sonic. further I'll look foreward to you're upcoming work.


2009-01-17 19:27:23

Bowser's Kingdom and Smash Kingdom were your greatest hits.
Its a shame you can't do it anymore. I understand. Hell, everyone should.
I saw some of the other peoples comments about your progress, and if
they don't like you or Pat anymore just because you don't want to do sprite animations anymore, well then its their problem. I completely understand what
and Pat are going through. Sprite animations are hard to create. People who flip you off just because you want to do something new have NO RIGHT! You and Pat are the animators. You guys decide what you should do, not jerks like seious.
Im proud you were able to make over 12 animations and your case, 12 is enough.
Do good on the cartoons man. Im rooting for you!


2009-01-17 23:55:41

I understand. People shouldn't be repeating a series for a long time. Besides, I think about 14 episodes of flash sprites is enough for one day.

However, I will be missing the BK series. Those were full of humor. And why not get Smash Kingdom Brawl out of the way so you can forget about the whole sprite animation for the rest of your career?

Best of luck to you.


2009-01-18 14:13:57

No, I don't think i'ts gonna work out... because I hate you.


2009-01-18 20:11:47

well you made a great serise and im looking forword to whatever you make in the future


2009-01-18 20:54:35

I can understand why you guys don't want to sprite anymore and that's a good thing. I want to see your ideas come to life and I will miss Browser's Kingdom. I am making something similar to Bowser's Kingdom since that was the series made me start spriting in the first place. THANKS A BUNCH FOR THE SERIES!!!!!


2009-01-19 01:24:26

its funny how you finish a series with a documentary, but you probally wanna get a career in animation so I wont stop you, good luck with it


2009-01-19 09:46:18

damn it


2009-01-19 18:29:28