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Back to work!

2008-09-01 16:57:45 by araskin500

Yeah you might have seen Pat's post about making a new Bowser's Kingdom which is currently in the process of making. Now I'm sure most of you are like "what the hell!? what about Smash Kingdom Brawl!?!?!?!" Well don't worry I'm working on that too. I've already gathered the sprites and everything back up which is great, the only problem is an extreme amount of writer's block for Smash bros skits. Now that does not mean I want any skits or ideas, if you send me any I won't use them. I will come up with them whenever I can so I ask that you all relax and that it will come in time. In the mean time I suggest you look up Super Mario RPG on the virtual console. It just came out today and I already spent my 800 points on it and I suggest anyone who is interested in a great game to go check it out as well.


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2008-09-01 18:22:08

hey u do ur best! U have brawl right? wats ur friend code?!?!?!


2008-09-01 18:35:51

I'll buy Maro RPG ASAP. I'd also like to know your Brawl code. I'll tell you mine a little later I guess...


2008-09-01 20:02:20

I was so psyched whe SMRPG came out for VC!!

Gotta get it now!!!


2008-09-01 21:08:00

I love you Smash Kingdom movies. They are both great. I cannot wait to see the next one. I love your work. You made great flashes.


2008-09-01 22:04:09

lol yea, people will give you ideas and want you to use them, the hardest part is turning them down (not because they are good ideas, they usually aren't, but the dream-crushing part isn't usually that fun) anyway I still have (and play) RPG on the SNES, it's a classic. Can't wait to see the new Smash vid, I've got a great idea for it too! I think you should...yea I'm only kidding. I'm sure you'll think of something eventually. good luck.


2008-09-01 23:03:58

Glad to see that your computer is back to being "normal" and Im sure both your up-coming flashes will be great. ;)


2008-09-01 23:23:05



2008-09-02 00:28:11

Glad to hear Smash Kingdom can be worked on again.

And yes, Super Mario RPG is my favorite game ever (no lie, played through it like 20 times) but I still have a SNES that works and the game =)


2008-09-02 19:03:22

Welcome back! I'm a huge fan of your work. I can't wait to see all your new flashes coming out! Oh and by the way, I never had Super Mario RPG for the SNES back in the day (my SNES broke before the game came out), but I just bought it for the Virtual Console and it's a really good game! Now I understand why Geno is so awesome. Good luck with finding new ideas!


2008-09-02 21:06:05




2008-09-03 22:18:19

I got the game, and it kicks ass. It makes me wish I grew up with the Super Nintendo.

At least you gave us an update here instead of leaving us in the dark.


2008-09-04 15:55:56

oh and also can ya tell ur buddy pthouse im sorry he blocked me cuz i just put a joke(not a mean joke) :)


2008-09-05 00:31:27

Glad your back in action! I won't ask when you finish it! Just work at your own pace, bro!

By the way, how far are you in Super Mario RPG the VC? I got mine yesterday, and I am currently at the Sunken Ship part of the game. In other words, I have made it very far from yesterday!

I bet you can't catch me!

Oh, also, someone has has already mentioned someone who has ripped off your Bowser's Kingdom series like someone else did last time! I thought I should post the link in case you're not aware of this yet. /453984


2008-09-06 13:28:09

"I got the game, and it kicks ass. It makes me wish I grew up with the Super Nintendo."

Yes, the SNES was awesome. Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG and much more I loved.


2008-09-07 19:16:06

yes, im getting smrpg. cant wait for next bowsers kingdom.


2008-09-09 16:44:21

All guys will buy Super Mario RPG for Geno? I WILL buy it! :P


2008-09-09 17:08:09

I just brought Super Mario RPG, and its the best SNES game of all time ^^


2008-09-10 21:36:44



2008-09-12 21:53:30

YAY! The episode 11 get blammed! :D

(Bad one) :P


2008-09-14 01:16:20

I have one questino. Will Alvin-earthworm bw doing the last part of Smash Kingdom Brawl? You now the mario vs. sonic thing.


2008-09-14 19:04:41

well ur series is the best so it probabvly takes time right , but anyway what's the idea of the friend code?


2008-09-15 12:38:17

holy shit your lowest scoring movie is at 4.21


2008-09-17 18:04:10

I had enough points and downloaded it a few days ago, I haven't gotten to play it yet though, i've been too busy with flash and school.


2008-09-22 21:48:54

Please don't forget Steve, the Inaudible Thwomp, and the Shy Guys! They make me laugh hysterically!!!!!


2008-09-26 16:59:00

YAY! The Brawl to end all......flashes!


2008-09-26 16:59:37

HI GUY!!!!!!!!!!

Super mario rpg, awsome game


2008-09-30 17:01:40

danm mario rpg is awesome!!! hope you come up with some skits soon! lot of people are looking foward to it


2008-10-01 01:14:10

Yo Raskin. You know who this is.....

Anyway, you and Pat keep up the good work. I look forward to ep 11, Brawl, and stuff.

araskin500 responds:

no idea


2008-10-01 17:17:40

Eps 11- I'm looking foward to it. I've got to say, you guys are one of the funniests duo that I know. I have no doubts that whatever you guys do, it will be funny.
Smash Kingdom- All I can say is that I want to be surprised and laughing my ass off after each and every short. I know you guys will deliver, so no need to go into that.
False Eps 11- Great, another group added to the list of stolen work huh? NG should really do something about those guys.
Super Mario Bros. Z 7- Saw that Jeff and Hal got lost inside the action. That was f#@king hillarious. I congradulate you and Pat for a job well done.
Super Mario RPG- I'm not going to get it for the Virtual Console because I already have it for my SNES (yes, I still use one), but I definetly think that putting that game on there was a very good move. Did you know that there's an unopened Collector's edition copy of Super Mario RPG worth over $200! HOLY CRAP!! Imagine that.


2008-10-03 01:08:06

i got mario rpg as soon as i saw it was out. great game, i must say. haha, kirbopher's rawest forest video had me thinking the forest maze was this terrible place that was impossible to escape, but it wasn't all that bad.


2008-10-03 02:42:53

can't wait for more dedede public announcements


2008-10-03 15:51:50

i got the mario RPG as soon as i saw it on the wii shop hahaha i was playing that game non-stop. anywho can't wait for the episode i'll try my best to be patient


2008-10-03 15:54:20

Congratulations on Super Mario Bros Z! You showed your potential to Alvin :D


2008-10-04 04:55:26

i dont have it yet but i will oh yea i will have that game


2008-10-04 14:47:09

Dude how does it feel to be a part of Super Mario Bros Z and to work with Alvin Earthworm?

araskin500 responds:

Feels like I was actually there being squashed by Wario and Waluigi.. and it feels good!


2008-10-05 00:49:35

Great to see you guys are making flash again. Keep up the awesome work dudes.


2008-10-05 12:32:53


Just kidding. You're really working on one? Sweet. Can't wait to see it.


2008-10-06 05:59:14

I actually still have a working SNES and I have Super Mario RPG for it aswell so I'm lucky huh? lol! Is the game any differen't on the virtual console, or is it the same like it is on the SNES? like graphic wise, moves/specials, chars, weapons, etc, etc.? Well anyway I can't wait for the next installments of Bowser's Kingdom and Smash Kingdom Brawl! Also I saw the newest eps of SMBZ and I saw Hal and Jeff in it hahaha! Now those 2 made some great guest stars and I hope that they'll be in future eps aswell!


2008-10-06 17:10:17

BTW, just wanted to say I always have Geno in my squad on SM RPG. Still a classic game after all these years........


2008-10-06 19:09:33

Hells Yeah I love Your Bowser's kingdom movies. Whats ur Brawl friend code cause Brawl is awesome!


2008-10-09 16:04:06

good luck with smash kingdom brawl i look forward to it


2008-10-11 12:32:15

Awesome :) I'm a huge fan of urs, and also kudos on the epic cameo in smbz7, the king of sprite action movies and the kings of sprite comedy movies. But yeah, can't wait.

araskin500 responds:

King of Sprite Comedy movies... I like the ring of that but I wouldn't call myself the king... maybe a Duke, I could be the Duke of Sprite comedy movies


2008-10-13 21:05:35

yes yes those are all fine and dandy but what about ganandorfs kingdom? im ean that wwas a good one.


2008-10-15 01:29:21

glad 2 hear it

take ur time bro

good things come 2 those that wait

I'll be on the lookout iight

n I'll take ur advice about the game ;) thnx