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2008-05-30 12:32:19 by araskin500

Well for those who don't know a tragedy hit my computer a few weeks ago. It was corrupted with some malware program called WinAgent 32, this thing was a monster. My virus scans and spyware scans all found it but they couldn't delete or quarantine it. Eventually it just blew my computer up, I had to do a complete system recovery. I lost everything including the flash files which sucks so much balls. For those of you who are wondering what this means for Smash Kingdom Brawl it means bad news. The last smash kingdom had over 5000 different symbols.... which I now have to FIND AND RIP again. I'm really pissed about it and kind have lost my motivation. I will make a Smash Kingdom Brawl but it won't be coming out anytime soon, sorry for those of you who were looking forward to it. But not is all terrible, Pat is working on Bowser's Kingdom Eps 10 and it should be done shortly. In other great news I found this today Super Mario RPG for Virtual Console That's fucking right! Super Mario RPG has been confirmed for virtual console, granted that's the chart for the Japanese but it shouldn't make too much of a difference. Looks like we all have something to look forward to in June after all. I know I'm deffinitly gonna spend the Wii points on it and I recommend that anyone who hasn't played it before should try it. Maybe if Square sees how many people will buy it on virtual console then they will get the idea to make a sequel. Pure speculation but hey it never hurts. But with all the RPG excitement I thought I would share the Japanese commercail for the game.

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2008-05-30 12:41:33

Sucks for you that you had this virus, and I'm definitely gonna buy Super Mario RPG on the virtual console!


2008-05-30 14:23:41

ok what exactly is super mario rpg and is it online on the wii or something?i dont get it some plz replie


2008-05-30 14:50:52

Super Mario RPG was the best Mario game ever.


2008-05-30 16:19:23

luckly i have it for the old system so i don't have to buy the game for my wii!!!


2008-05-30 18:24:46

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! THAT SUCKS SO MANY WAYS!!! ARGH! Dang, evil viruses! I want to find every person that makes viruses and sic Geno on them! Yeah, that's right!!!

Yay! SMRPG will be on Wii... If I only had a Wii...


2008-05-30 21:22:41

Yes! Oh God TY! Hehe. Good thing I just got a Wii. Thnx 4 Teh Great News!


2008-06-01 11:07:49

do wanna brawl sometime? I have my brawl code so we could brawl


2008-06-01 22:33:37

Sorry about your computer... but now I'm excited to get Super Mario RPG on my Wii, I think i'll have to make a Geno Sculpture for this :)And that is an awesome claymation commercial


2008-06-02 07:22:49

Wow, that really sucks about the virus and all.

Cyberdruid, Super Mario RPG is an awesome game for the SNES, and many people wanted Geno, one of the main characters, to be in Brawl. Now, it's out for the virtual console, so it's great to get (if you dont already have it).


2008-06-02 10:28:25

Aww, that sucks. :/


2008-06-02 14:16:38

Sorry to hear. Keep your head held high and everything is going to be allright.

Good Luck.


2008-06-02 22:39:42

Hey dude you rock I was just wondering who comes up with the idea's that DeDeDe says when he talks to Ness and Lucas and i was also wondering who does his voice. 9 I believe you should do a lot of those and make a compilation please reply


2008-06-03 19:18:16

OMG SUPA MARIO RPG!! i wanna play that game!!
but anyways
that sucks...... man
now i have to wait more??


2008-06-04 20:11:01

finally I love bowser's kingdom but no afense or anything I dont like MARIO RPG that much and Geno aint that great sorry I also have some questions my friends want to know

1.who do you like more bowser jr or the koopalings

2.who do you like more mario or luigi

3.who do you like more wario or waluigi

4. who do you like more peach or daisy

5.who do you like more mario or wario

6.who do you like more luigi or yoshi

7.who do you like more koopas or goombas

8.who is your favorite character from mario


2008-06-07 16:46:05

I have to say that that is horrible. but you know what i think? there are probably people out there that would love to help you find the sprites! i, personnally wouldnt get around to it. but you'd deserve the help :D


2008-06-07 20:01:50

do u know where i could play super mario rpg in the internet? pm me if u know


2008-06-09 11:48:28

that sucks, my computer had one hella virus a few months ago, and my mom and her boyfriend had to delete everything and get rid of the big actual computer (we kept the screen) and dig out another computer we had. oh well, so anyway. thats awesome about smRPG, I know there gonna release it in america for Wii, thats when i will get some Wii shop points.


2008-06-09 13:43:22

Hey Andrew, if you need any music for Smash Kingdom Brawl, PM me. I have all of the songs from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And I've also had my share of doom from WinAgent32, it thrashed our old laptop and now it can't even turn on.


2008-06-09 16:05:46

I gonna show to this virus HOW AWESOME I AM!

*Start to fire a bunch of lasers by no reason at all...*

And... Guys, if you all are angry (like ME), have a... LUCKY CANDY! XD

I want that those virus explode by no reason at all! >:(


2008-06-10 17:08:25

Yeah, I had a similar virus destroy my old hard drive, too. It was called Vundo or something like that. It was impossible to remove or even quarantine. I even used 5 major types of spyware removal and firewall programs... In the end, my hard drive basically just stopped working altogether.


2008-06-10 23:29:05

hi araskin500 am a fan of bowser kingdom sorry if i ask when is the new episode is gona come out.Sorry if i bother you oh and tell hi to youre pathner and another when is gona mario RPG is gona come out cya take care.


2008-06-11 05:39:09

Damn that sucks! I sooooo wanted another SK!....


2008-06-12 11:53:23

Comment on each object of the post
Smash Kingdom: Sucks, but hopefully it will be all worth the wait.
Super Mario RPG: Awesome that it's going to be on the Virtual Console. I bet that the fact that there are a lot of fans out there and the promotion you and Pat made for them in your flash series will defenitley make it a sucess. I won't get it myself since I already have it on an emulator, but if I didn't, I probably would.
Commercial: Funny. Reminds me of that fight in the game against them and Bowser Kingdom 9.
P.S- Have you heard of Super Smash Flash 2? Apperantly Geno is going to be an assist trophy there. It's a start, I guess.


2008-06-13 19:54:23

Your Smash Kingdom Series is awesome. Never stop, you have the gift of script writing man


2008-06-13 21:04:17

Speaking of Mario RPG I saw Geno in Mario and Luigi super star soga at in a mini game at little fugi town.The reason that pic never got up is well..................i am lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.



2008-06-15 02:32:36

i cant wait for Maro rpg to come out soon i saw it but i never played it before but im look forward to playing it =D


2008-06-15 15:27:10

wait wait if he s dead in the story then why is he here sitting next to u.




2008-06-16 17:28:32

i got an emulator of smrpg cus i loved it so much.. but ill probly get it on the wii too cus it is just so awesome. plus ur idea of them thinkin of making a sequel cus of the amount of people buying it.. makes me wanna help cus geno... just has to be in another game


2008-06-18 06:15:29

A little update on the SMRPG thing. It's been rated by the OFLC for Europe, so it's confirmed there too. I don't know if you found this out already, but I just wanted to tell everyone here too.


2008-06-18 11:05:22

i would help with smash kingdom, but i dont have flash. sorry to hear about the virus. and about mario rpg, i looked all over the wii shop channel, but i cant find it.


2008-06-18 18:05:45

can't wait till it arrives, i'll need more wii points though, aw well i'll get them sooner or later...


2008-06-21 23:02:06

Sorry to hear about the virus problem. As i've mentioned to more users than i'd care to count, maybe you should consider switching from Microsoft Shitdows to Mac OS X or Linux. Trust me, it's a lot faster and better than Windows, although it takes some getting used to. (and the new macs let you run windows on them too!)

If you have tons of cash, go for the Mac. If you're on a tight budget, Go for Linux. As ever, remember to back up your system BEFORE blowing it away.

That's pretty much all i can say about correcting future virus problems you may have in the past.


2008-06-26 02:13:39

Dude, I hate what happened to your comp. It's happened to me a lot before. Sometimes you get those viruses that won't go away even when you delete them in safe mode. You gotta back up everything important. I lost quite a few major things to viruses and I've had to burn everything I want safe to a CD.


2008-06-28 11:29:32

so you did a mario rpg and a galaxy episode are you going to do episodes of other mario games that are very famous


2008-06-28 18:23:50

if you use adobe flash cs3 professional, visit my user page.


2008-06-29 23:36:32

Guess what? There's a 90% chance Mario RPG is coming tomorrow.


2008-07-01 01:34:30

Oh god damn it. The wonderful game has not come. It's Virtual Console, why the hell should the Japanese get it over a month before the US? They should be a weeks difference at most.


2008-07-04 07:43:09

Here's what you do for Bowser's Kingdom T-Shirts: don't use the characters, just popular phrases from the show, like one that says "Hi, Guys!"


2008-07-06 00:58:32

Are you close to finishing Smash Kingdom Brawl?


2008-07-07 12:33:55

Great job on bowsers kingdom it was awsome! you did a complete great job.


2008-07-13 14:25:52

I have played this game recently that belongs to a friend and its not a half bad game! Own it!


2008-07-17 00:34:42



2008-07-20 12:23:59

That's great and all but i want EarthBound for VC!!!!!!1!!!!11!!


2008-07-22 19:20:24

When will smash kingdom brawl come out??? its been 2 months.


2008-07-23 02:13:10

What would it take to re-motivate you?


2008-07-28 15:45:38

Dude that blows but i can still wait for it since i loved tha last 2 kingdoms they were so awesome... so hope to see it ..someday, i guess? =3


2008-07-28 16:38:16

people, i just found out, if i am correct, jeff and hal will appear in super mario bros. z episode 7! isn't that awsome?

that is, if my sources are right...


2008-07-28 18:08:28

Any day now for Smash kingdom brawl


2008-07-29 00:27:51

I know its a little late but, that really sucks that you got a virus cause i was really looking foward to Smash Kingdom Brawl, oh well, guess ill have to wait longer. I also know how you feel, i recently got a real bad virus too, but did a system recovery.


2008-07-30 17:48:12

Any Day now.