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2008-04-22 00:26:24 by araskin500

Well I got my computer fixed and Brawl is now only consuming 45% of my life, so I got to animating. Before everyone get's all pissy about "where's BK eps 10!?!?!" Don't worry Pat will be working on it, this is just a little side cartoon I did because I love the legend of zelda.... perhaps a little too much. I got back to playing Wind Waker (cel-shaded or not, amazing game) and realized that I should do another tribute to Ol' Ganny (he deserves it) And of course I came to the realization that perhaps I should do more tributes to the other bad guys. King Dedede, Dr. Robotnik, King K. Rool, Ridley... all prime candidates for spoofing hilarity. So I will be getting around to those soon so keep an eye out, and of course, Smash Kingdom Brawl will probably come out sometime in June or so, so keep your fan boy panties on until then.

And for those of you who are wondering who I use in Smash well I'll tell ya:


Samus (old favorite)
Captain Olimar (new favorite)
Ike (awesome favorite)

Sloppy Seconds

Bowser (cause he's bad ass)
Ganondorf (cause he's a badder ass)
Toon Link (cause he's the baddest ass)

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2008-04-22 02:27:25



2008-04-22 07:50:03

Pretty cool, Nice job on Gannondorf's Kingdom i realy enjoyed it as i did everything else you've made up to date.

On a side note my mains are:

Wolf (Always liked him since Starfox 64 days)
Metaknight (Minus the Neutral B spams)
Toon Link (Because despite what Sakurai said on the site, Toon has stronger attacks than normal link, at least from my experiance.)
Lucas (Way better than Ness in terms of his actual storyline and moves)
And finaly, Pit (Because i dominated when i was forced to use him in SSE, i came to see how semi OP he can be)


2008-04-22 09:03:17


When I play SSM, ANY version, I pwn everyone with Link!


2008-04-22 10:33:58

Fan GIRL pantys, thankyouverymuch! These are great! Chicken and waffles! LOL! :D


2008-04-22 10:34:42

Oh, and I own with Pit. ;)


2008-04-22 10:53:04

5 syllables:

Doctor, Robotnik (or eggman, whatver his fat ass is called.)
I really like Sonic.


2008-04-22 15:14:22

where did you get the olimar figures?

(Updated ) araskin500 responds:

those are pictures from the pikimn 2 manual, although if they sold those figures i would probably get them


2008-04-22 15:30:29

Great that your back in animating. I'll be watching. And just cause you brought it up, here are my Brawl tops (I'm a bit of an amatuer at this though).
-Mario (Well balanced and has a neat up special)
-Donkey Kong (I like the strength he puts out without losing a lot of speed like Ganondorf or Bowser, both who are good characters though).
-R.O.B (Really awesome, the laser is good, and has great recovery)
- Fox (Fave on the original, fave when I tried Melee, and fave now)
-Kirby (Very versitle and has great special moves)
-Sonic (Absolute favorite, Final Smash kicks total ass!


2008-04-22 16:10:59

Hey, if your reading this, reply to it ok? Otherwise I'll be friggin pissed.
How do you unlock wolf in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

araskin500 responds:

you can either go back in the supbspace emissary to the Ruins and find him a as a secret there or beat the boss rush mode with fox.


2008-04-22 16:37:49

Please if your going to do another villian! Please do King dedede.


2008-04-22 17:40:03


i could be in how the fatso hasnt doing nothing intersting in the last years (if you dont count dk climber)

anyhow very funny stuff and something that you dont see every day
BTW i agree with vaati "chocolate chips chicken" its a good idea


2008-04-23 02:25:55

dude send me your code from smash so u and me can play online XD


2008-04-23 09:09:02

It didn't get front paged! !!! I reccomended it for the Zelda collection, though. Anyone else want to help get it on there?


2008-04-23 14:23:58

Well alright! I can't wait for the new eps of Bowser's Kingdom!!! I'm glad you got your computer fixed, that's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also can't wait for Smash Kingdom Brawl to come out!!! Heh I bet I could own you in Brawl a Mario! Anyway good luck on your spoofs!!


2008-04-23 16:29:30

That's great, although i'm not a very big fan of the bowser's kingdom movies, I absolutely love the other ones, especially Smash Kingdom. They are hysterical and the voice acting is great.
Even though no one really cares, my main brawlers are:
Yoshi: Deceptively stong and fast
Lucario: Great attacks and attack power rises with damage
Wolf: "Can't let you do that star fox!"


2008-04-23 18:03:25

Hey Andrew, ever thought of a Robotnik's Kingdom? Search "Can Robotnik Fix It" on YouTube and you'll understand why he'll be incredibly funny. That author's "Sonic X dubs" are among the many things my friends and I talk about (including the Kingdom series)

Also, my favorites on Brawl are:
Samus (She's really improved from Smash 1 and I never lose with her
Wario (His final smash is very deadly)
Snake (He blows every thing up)


2008-04-24 14:47:33

Awesome...I have pikmin 2 and you're pretty good at clay stuff I guess.

araskin500 responds:

I actually am quite good at clay making, but i did not make those.


2008-04-24 21:29:13

Ike beats all


2008-04-25 02:03:40

i'd type the names of all the characters that i'm good with, but i dont wanna type 30 names


2008-04-25 03:30:11

I love that pic! Too bad it is in clay mode!


2008-04-25 13:59:32

Thx for the tip earlier, Wolf kicks ass man.


2008-04-25 14:07:57

Oh, almost forgot, you should do a spoof with the eggplant wizard tryin to rule the world with the heroes being unable to beat him cuz theyre a bunch of wimps but then the villains come along and kick his ass cuz he's a lame villain and a douche.


2008-04-25 15:07:22

Really!? Olimar!? He has to be my LEAST favorite! Sorry, but maybe it's just because he's hard to use.

But I would love to see some more Kingdom spin-offs! Ganondorf's Kingdom was awesome, and I think it would be great to see all these bad guys have their own episodes. They are always more interesting to make fun of than the main characters anyways.


2008-04-25 17:27:19

Nice picture Lol :P

I like too much to play with Link or Zelda at SSBB, im a Zelda fan too :)


2008-04-26 14:56:40

Igotbrawlizreallykoolanstuffbutolimar sucksmetaknightiscoolerokbye.


2008-04-26 15:56:17

any plans for a new smash kingdom?


2008-04-27 01:15:28

And by the way, Olimar kicks ass if you can use him properly, and his final smash is awesome, in fact, you should do a spoof with him in it kickin the villains asses with all the plant guys as a bunch of bad asses.


2008-04-27 14:41:27

all of ur flashes are on my favs u rock


2008-04-27 21:51:45

Picture kicks ass


2008-04-28 16:47:58

If you do any sonic related flashes, you MUST include Scratch and Grounder from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog tv show...

araskin500 responds:

I actually was thinking about them, and i did found sprites of them but I think I rather would use the sprites directly from the game.


2008-04-28 21:46:36

thats so awsome thatsthe best awsomethats 7 up lid so cool


2008-05-02 16:12:41

I didn't really think olimar would be that good in brawl.
I've played both Pikmins,but I didn't much like the first.
Is a third coming?


2008-05-03 19:51:47

That's actually good. Having Olimar as your main shows that you are very skilled.


2008-05-03 21:30:35



2008-05-03 22:32:30

I just saw your new flash. Pretty good, I liked it.

araskin500 responds:

Tell that to Pthouse, he did all the animating. He's a really good animator but i still can only do it with sprites.


2008-05-04 06:18:07

awsome you use Ike and Toon Link like me 2! Bet i beat you though.


2008-05-04 18:14:48

Care for a little 1 on 1 fight in brawl?


2008-05-04 18:24:08

hold the phone.....

that pic is from the "teaser" pic for Pikmin 3


2008-05-07 16:43:39

I'm a big fan of all the flashes you and Patrick make. I can't wait for the new bk eps. The "pikture" is cool, and I hope u feel up to the challenge when I say: I want to Brawl! Here's my friend Code: 0645-5445-8873. Olimar is actually my Third character, below Toon Link and above Lucario/Ike. Oh, anyone who wants to brawl can reply. One more thing. I think that you should contact the author of the "Sonic X Dubs" for Robotnik's voice it you decide to do a Robotnik's Kingdom.


2008-05-07 20:01:06

Hey, you probaly (like all the 101% of people in Newgrounds) dont know me but i´m a great fan of you and i just want to say that the voice actors you use in your flashes are damn great, ask what is your Wii number and my list in brawl:

Toon Link (he's funny)
Ness (he's awesome)
Lucas (he's awesome too)
R.O.B. (he has a great background history in Subspace Emissary)
Captain Falcon ("Show me the moves!")
Meta Knight (awesome awesomality)
Mr. Game & Watch (BEEP!)

(PLEASE answer)


2008-05-10 03:40:23

Hey I love your series! I don't own a Wii but I'm going yo try to get on just so I can play these 3 games: 1. Super SmashBros. Brael of course! 2. Mario Kart Wii, and 3. Super Mario Galaxy! I've played both the original&Melee and my best char is Mario! I can kick a pretty good amount of ass as him! Here's a list of my fav& best Melee chars: Mario, Mewtwo,DK, Bowser,Ganondorf,Link,Samus,Luigi,and Falco! I can't wait to get a Wii and try the new chars! I was really hopin that Geno would be a playbly char but alas it is not meant to be "Sigh" I also can't wait for your Smash Kingdom Brawl along with Bowser's Kingdom eps 10 to come out!!! I have a suggesstion if you don't mind. In eps 10 of Bowser's Kingdom think you could maybe do the eps based on a Mario Kart game? That would be sweet! Well plz get back to me on my suggesstions thx! :D


2008-05-10 13:49:07

What a coincidence! Olimar, Ike, Samus and Toon Link are all on MY list too! Along with Sonic, Lucas, and Lucario.

P.S.: Is it even POSSIBLE to survive being flattened by the Wario Bros.?


2008-05-13 21:41:48

I use wolf
toon link
captain falcon
and Ness

I am not too good at zelda, Ganondwarf and falco


2008-05-14 15:47:38

Hey, I noticed your characters being referenced to in a preview of Super Mario Bros Z 7. How do you two know each other?


2008-05-14 16:19:42

Yeah Awesome no afense or anything but GENO is the gayest mario character invented. Make bowser's kingdom eps 10 around Mario kart Wii.
I know no one cares but I rock at brawl. My favorite characters are
Wario(he can kill quick)
Mario(Old favorite)
Bowser(just awesome)
Bowser jr hack (best game character ever so much better than the melee koopalings hack)


2008-05-15 19:30:06

Good work, I cannot wait for Smash Kingdom Brawl. Maybe you can send me your friend code by PM and we can battle online?

Also, if you do a skit on Robotnik, try not to call it Robotnik's Kingdom. That may be awkward.


2008-05-17 21:57:28

Awesome, I loved bowsers kingdom and cant wait to see your other works too, also I am a legend of zelda fan too and ganondorfs kingdom was excellent so I cant wait to see some more of that and I cant wait for the naxt flash


2008-05-17 22:00:57

also my brawl favs are

meta knight (I know he's cheap but what can you do I love using him)

lucario (when theres a group of 4 players let him take some damage and then attack as much as you can)

and sonic (another cheap one but I'm just good with him)


2008-05-21 15:03:44

Hey, Andrew! Firemaker60 and I were about to start on our first flash project, and we wanted to know if it was ok with you and pthouse if we borrowed your Ganondorf's House of Chicken and Waffles idea for a couple of the parts... we were thinking about a Ganondorf collaboration, with a lot of ideas for scenarios. So, get back to either one of us as to if we can use the ideas. Please.


2008-05-27 16:01:04

dude, right now, i`m on the wii. and... i`m typing this message on it, the wii ROCKS! sorry... good luck on your flash.