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Computer Troubles

2008-04-06 20:50:56 by araskin500

Hey everybody, first off I want to thank everyone who helped us fix the problem with the so called "bowser's Kingdom Eps: 10" they now changed the name so everything is at peace.... until recently. My computer has been crapping out of me quite consistently and I can't animate much with it until I fix it, so I apologize if our flashes take awhile to make. Hopefully everything will go along smoothly and I won't have to nuke the machine and totally lose all the cartoons I made.


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2008-04-06 21:07:58

Ok sweet!


2008-04-06 22:17:04

Aw that sucks


2008-04-07 00:26:53

I understand what you guys are going through. There is a great quote I say when something like that happens, "technology is great, ONLY when it works." Hope you can get it resolved ok.


2008-04-07 12:14:03

What's wrong whit you compurer. Say me if you need help, I know very much "computer".


2008-04-08 10:26:23

Clean and defrag your registry. (There are free tools available.) Might also want to remove temporary files and defrag your hard drive. It's a bit of work, but if it works, it pays off. (And make sure your antivirus software is up to snuff.)

Whether or not these tips work, I hope you can get it taken care of soon so we can enjoy the further adventures of Jeff & Hal and the BK gang.


2008-04-08 12:02:48

Have you Ccleaner? That is good tool, that erase futile file and you get more ram.
You get that in google.


2008-04-08 16:35:22

I took a snpshot in Brawl as a tribute to Bowsers Kingdom.I used trophies so there are only 4 of tthem so I used main charactors.I hope to get it up by tonight on Newgrouds.So check by to see if its there.Sorry for being of topic.


2008-04-09 17:17:34

yea i have a virus right now but it's starting to get better, i still hate it though...


2008-04-09 20:53:44

I suggest get a CD and put your work on the CD to make a backup so if your nuking your comp, your data would be ready to be transfered on a different comp.


2008-04-10 22:57:15

ur welcome dude, NO ONE messes with bowser's kingdom

and good luck with ur pc - we need more bowser's kingdom
(and Smash Kindom Brawl)


2008-04-11 18:32:42

hmm....I was one of the co-authors on that "Bowser's Kingdom Eps. 10", and I have good and bad things to say to you and Newgrounds. Where to start.

Good: Well, best way to start is with an apology for being one of the co's (not like I had a choice in that) for that fake episode. I encourage others to animate, so keep up the good work, araskiri. Perhaps I'll check out the real Bowser's Kingdom Eps.10...

Good: Thank you for getting the name changed. now you won't have to yell at me for no good reason, especially on something I didn't do.

Bad: Newgrounds, what the fuck? everytime people like us in the clock crew play a trick or grace you with loads of Duck.flas and Camels, or use the name of a series, you have to whine and complian to the authors (EVEN co's that weren't involved.) and site owners untill it's your way. You kill the camels, the ducks, really. ALSO, WHY THE FUCK DID I GET SPAMMED AND YELLED AT FOR MAKING THE FAKE EPISODE, IT WAS THEBADSHOW I DIDN'T DO SHIT! KNOW THAT CO-AUTHOR DOESN'T ALWAYS MEAN INVOLVED WITH THE FLASH YOU DUMBSHITS! REALLY, GET A BRAIN AND STOP GETTING SO BUTTHURT EVERYTIME A PRANK IS PULLED!

that is all, may we meet again, araskin500.

Best of luck to you,
Pin Clock/Kirbykrew


2008-04-12 00:36:13

Oh man that sucks! Well I hope you get your PC fixed or get a better 1. I hope everything goes ok with Bowser's Kingdom eps10 and all of your other movies!


2008-04-14 01:28:26

Have you tried hitting it with a heavy blunt object?


2008-04-14 21:26:28

Oh that Bites


2008-04-15 13:05:25



2008-04-15 19:18:30 should make...a real bowsers kingdom 10 then so that nobody else tries to screw it up....10 IS A SPECIAL NUMBER!!!


2008-04-17 02:07:33

God that sucks. Can't you just move the stuff you have on Pat's comp. Or do you use the same one?


2008-04-19 11:51:55

You are a God along with Alvin-Earthworm


2008-04-19 16:06:41

hey just take your time people can wait for a new one.


2008-04-19 23:54:42

maybe its just for the day but just two things

- take all the time and enjoy making whatever you gonna do (BK 10, SM brawl, school kingdom or whatever the name of the sereis pat is making draw)

- NEVER GIVE UP OR LISTEN OTHER PEOPLE COMPLAINS just do this cause you like it

19/04/08 the day that another artist fall to something and forgot his you

BTW sorry to give this kind of stupid-emo comentary its just... well another day i explain more


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