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Well here we are, just a few days away from Brawl's release, if you are like me... then this is the longest fucking week in your life. But do not fret because by Sunday we shall finally have that which has been our desire for so long. Now there was a lot of arguing about the final roster, some people said it sucked, while others thought it wasn't enough. But that's everyone's first reaction to it, by now must of us have accepted it because we have realized that this is still going to be one of the best games ever. Sure Ridley is not playable and Geno is not in it, and clones are still there.... sorta, but that doesn't take away the fact that this game is still going to be played 10 years from now. So while a certain someone who may be a possed puppet in a cape may want to blow up Japan... he still wants to play the game. I know I sure do, and I can't wait any longer.

Also on a side note you can expect the new Smash Kingdom Melee this week, when exactly? Well it will certainly be before Sunday's U.S. release, so keep an eye out for it. And no I will not reveal the secret, but trust me when I say this, it will blow your minds to shit. In the mean time enjoy this lovely photoshop i made, Ganondorf is awesome.

Super Smash Bors Brawl is almost here!  As well as Smash Kingdom Melee!

Smash Kingdom Melee

2008-02-11 10:39:46 by araskin500

Hey everybody, I know some of you were hoping for a febuary release of Smash Kingdom 2, but unfortenatly like the game... it too has been delayed. Sorry to disapoint some people who were really hoping to see it soon but it won't be done until March. Don't worry though I plan on releasing the flash before the game comes out on March 9th, so expect it before then. And of course the reason why I am not releasing it now is a secret, however you can be assured that it is being delayed for the most awesomist of reasons, that reason is something I won't tell you. You'll just have to wait until it comes out.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

2008-01-26 22:45:10 by araskin500

Well the game we have all been waiting for has been delayed... again, to March 9th. While this does suck a ton let us not forget that it is releasing in Japan on the 31st, and then we shall all know what the roster is. I honestly think once I know what it is, the wait won't be so bad. I mean sure I want to play it so bad, but the most suspense is wondering what the full roster will be. There have been many rumors around the net about a 35 character roster, or a 45 roster, this character is in or this character isn't in but we shall all know soon. To be perfectly honest these are the characters that I absolutely must have in the game:

- Geno
- Gannondorf with his own moveset

Is it much to ask, not really and I believe that it is very probable that Geno will get in. I want to see that bad ass mother fucker in a game again. As for Ridley, well I love the metroid games and they need a new representative and Ridley is the perfect choice for a new villain. And of course there's Ol' Ganny, i don't know why he had to get a copy of Captain Falcon's moves in Melee, he certainly can have a very cool and unique moveset. Maybe his sword, maybe some magic attacks, maybe turning into Dark Beast Ganon? Who knows, but I hope so.

Anyway that's my little rant about Smash Bros, I'm so God damn anxious for that game but don't worry I have found a way to help pass the time. How you say? Well by animating the new Smash Kingdom, that's how! That's right you heard it here, I am making a Smash Kingdom sequel, called Smash Kingdom Melee. No it's not about Smash bros Melee, it's just that since the second installment of Smash bros was Melee, I thought my movie should too. Does that mean there could be a thrid "Smash Kingdom Brawl"? Yeah probably it would make an awesome trilogy but don't expect the third to be out before the game is released, I plan on making it while the game is out. Anyway that's my little speel, oh and check out this banner I made, It is my dream roster for brawl.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

New Official Website

2008-01-01 23:04:09 by araskin500

Hey everybody, Pat made our new official site at:

It's a pretty cool flash site to commemorate our series, you can check there for exclusive vids and stuff whenever we make it. Of course we will still be posting up right here on newgrounds as well as on our forum at

As for Episode 8, im sorry that it is taking a while, it's a busy time of year and I am working on it whenever I can. Also Pat is working on 9 so there won't be a big wiat after 8.

I am now on VGlan forums

2007-12-16 19:13:59 by araskin500

I now have my own section of forum at There you can discuss about what you think about the series. Here's the link: VGlan Forums

Sprites: Love 'em or Hate 'em.

2007-12-11 20:07:04 by araskin500

Well I'm really glad about the success of my latest submittion, Smash Kingdom. To be perfectly honest I wasn't expecting such praise, to make the best score of all time list is quite amazing. I want to thank all the viewers out there for their support, I couldn't have done it without you. now as expected with such popularity there are some people out there who feel the need to degrade my work. Now I support criticism, it is what helps artists to keep their work fresh and great. However it is all too often that a bad review is not made up of constructive criticism, rather it's merely sprite bashing. To those people out there i want you to realize that if I make a sprite movie and you hate sprites, I suggest that you shouldn't watch it because you have such a terrible prejudice to sprites. Yes it's true I probably don't put as much work into sprite animation as other authors would put into hand drawn movies, but it doesn't mean that I don't work hard at it. It does take a lot to make these cartoons and I put a lot into them, regardless of what some ass holes may say. There is a particular douche bag who feels the need to bash my cartoons at every chance he gets, I will not reveal his name but if you want to you could check back and figure out who he is. But honestly it doesn't faze me, 7 or 8 bad reviews out of 600 good for the last flash is nothing to worry about. And due to the success of Smash Kingdom I just may have to make a sequel, but nothing is official yet.

As for Bowser's Kingdom I am currently at work on episode 8. Hopefully I can finish it by mid January and let all my fans out there enjoy it.

And a final annoucment, my good friend Pat (pthouse) is currently animating a new flash cartoon we have officially dubbed "College Kingdom" (we have a kingdom motif if you haven't already guessed) This is a fully animated, hand-drawn, non sprite series loosely based off Pat and myself. It stars two characters, as they live the adventure that is the College freshmen experience. Now it is still in production and it will take much longer to make than a Bowser's Kingdom episode (we guess somewhere between 3 to 4 months) However to those who love our sprite flashes do not fear! While Pat animates College Kingdom I shall take the reins of Bowser's Kingdom and keep the series alive! To all out fans out there we thank you for your support over the last couple of months and that we promise more great movies to come this year.

New cartoon is up!

2007-12-03 23:02:03 by araskin500

I have now unleashed the awesomeness that is Smash Kingdom, a funny take on Super Smash Bros Brawl. This is another what I call a 'bonus cartoon' to those of you who are wondering yes Bowser's Kingdom still lives.

New Episodes.......

2007-11-03 00:01:16 by araskin500

To all of you out there who wonder when the next episode will be out, I regret to say this, but you will have to wait a while. During the episode's production, my friend Pat's computer suddenly stopped working. While we still don't know what's wrong with it, we hope that all the memory did not get lost because he had half of episode 7 done. So you can expect a little delay in the next installment of Bowser's Kingdom, however that does not mean that I am not busy animating. I'm currently working on another bonus cartoon with a Super Smash Bros Brawl theme. For those of you who don't know, I am a Smash Bros fanatic, and I am eagerly counting down the days for it's release. (I almost killed myself when news of the December delay came out last month) But anywho, most of the jokes will come directly from the daily updated Smash Bros Dojo. For those of you who don't know, that is the official site in which the creator releases new information every weekday (I check it every morning because I don't have a life) So if you haven't been keeping a sharp eye out to all of the updates you may be behind in some of the jokes of the cartoon... so study up!

Anyway, you can expect that cartoon to come out sometime within the month, I plan to get it out December 3rd.... hopefully. Well that's all, thanks for reading this post and stay tuned.

New Episodes.......

Halloween contest urgency!

2007-10-28 11:19:44 by araskin500

To all of you fans out there, thanks for your support for the contest but ever since our cartoon has been removed off the front page we have been falling through the ranks. To all those supporters out there I ask you, show our cartoon to all your friends if they like it have them vote for us. Winning this contest will mean a lot to us.

This is a note to everyone who think that I can make an episode a day, hell no I can't. And if I tried it would turn out quite terrible, every episode you have seen was made in the last months, each episode took about a month each. Sorry to burst your bubble but the daily submissions is over, but do not fear! We are still at work for episode 7 as well as a special bonus cartoon and a Halloween episode that will be sumbitted to the Halloween contest. You can expect the Halloween episode to come out next week, but episode 7 may not be done for about a month. Some of you may be depressed by that, which to me is very cool cause you must obviously love our cartoons, don't worry we will be back. But be sure to keep an eye out for our bonus cartoons, they don't all have to stay in the mushrrom kingdom if you catch my drift.

P.S. The Halloween contest is very important to us, so please vote for us when we release it.